As of May 2019 some updates and improvements were made:

No longer need to increase processor speed in DOSBox, it will work fine in 3000 Hz as default.

English fields will record apostrophe.

The Word List will not be called Dictionary in this new version.  This is just a change of name, No functionality or information will be lost!

Transliteration can be turned off, once you learn it, it is unnecessary and won't help.

Menus are less cluttered with 3 languages, only display 2 almost all of them.

In games coincide letters can now randomize.

You can also type transliteration or spelling answers, keyboard arrows and mouse still work, this should help more with you advance.

Allows you to practice spelling of English or Spanish if you are interested.

Mayor error with the DataBank was fixed.

New keyboard 10 finger typing speed/training game.

May 31 a bug in Hebrew/English game display was fixed.

In spelling and transliteration case don't matter no more.

June 10 when DataBank information was shown in Table Mode the WordList ended the program in a error message that was an error itself.  It's fixed.

This is the page to download the databank and program. The ZIP file contains LISTS.EXE, HEBREW.MIL and README.TXT.


LISTS is FREEWARE. Detailed instructions to use this M.S. D.O.S. application are here. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE ENGLISH VERSION!. The databank of the dictionary contains all the words in the site. In fact, the word list in the website has been generated from this program databank.

Date of last update: Friday May 24, 2019

Transliteration and matching words games!...

Test your knowledge against the clock!. Go to the Menu with [F10] select Games. In order to increase difficulty or number of words to coincide go to the Game Configuration Menu from the Games Menu.

Transliteration Game

WINDOWS 7 and MAC USERS: It is still possible to run this 16 bit application. You may want to download also DOSBox from its official site.
Inside de Dos Box window You'll need to MOUNT the directory where YOU HAVE EXTRACTED the ZIP file. For instance C:\Lists. Just need to write:
Mount C: C:\Lists[Enter]C:[Enter]Lists[Enter].


Please disregard the FULL SCREEN MODE message. If the mouse arrow gets stuck in de DOSBox window hit the [Windows] key**.
To exit press [Esc] or [Alt] + [F4]. This program does not include sound.

FULL SCREEN MODE Windows XP, 98, 95 users: To select FULL SCREEN MODE: Right Click on top of the Text Window. Choose PROPERTIES, There DISPLAY. And FULL SCREEN, press OK and Apply properties to current window only.
Right click in the upper section of the D.O.S. Text Window and Choose PROPERTIES

Right click on top & Propierties

In the OPTIONS tab go to the DISPLAY section and select FULL SCREEN.

Options & Display & FULL SCREEN

Press OK Choose Apply properties to current window only radio button and press OK once again.

Accept & Current Window only

To see the other programs press [Alt] + [Space] or the [Windows] key**.
To exit press [Esc] or [Alt] + [F4]. This program does not make any sounds.
**Windows® is property of Microsoft©.