This is the page for download the databank and program. The ZIP file contains LISTS.EXE, HEBREW.MIL and README.TXT.


LISTS is FREEWARE. Detailed Instructions to use this M.S. D.O.S. aplication are here. CLICK RIGHT HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE ENGLISH VERSION!. The databank of the dictionary contains all the words in the site. In fact, the dictionary of the site had been generated from this program's databank.

Date of last update: Monday May 23, 2011


!Transliteration and matching words games!...

Test your knowledge against the clock!. Go to the Menu with [F10] request Games. In order to increase difficulty or number of words to coincide go to the Game Configuration Menu from the Games Menu.

Transliteration Game

WINDOWS 7 and MAC USERS: It is yet possible to run this 16 bit application. You may want to download also DOSBox from its official site.
Inside de Dos Box window You'll need to MOUNT the directory where YOU HAVE EXTRACTED the ZIP file. For instance C:\Lists. Just need to write:
Mount C: C:\Lists[Enter]C:[Enter]Lists[Enter].


Please press several times [Ctrl] + [F12] until the cpu speed is about 16000 cycles specially to run the educational games. Please also disregard the FULL SCREEN MODE message. If the mouse arrow gets stuck in de DOSBox window hit the [Windows] key**.
To quit press [Esc] or [Alt] + [F4]. This program does not include sound.

FULL SCREEN MODE Windows XP, 98, 95 users. To select FULL SCREEN MODE: Right Click on top of the Text Window. Choose PROPERTIES, There DISPLAY. And FULL SCREEN, press OK and Apply properties to current window only.
Right click in the upper section of the D.O.S. Text Window and Choose PROPERTIES

Right click on top & Propierties

In the card OPTIONS Go to the DISPLAY section and choose FULL SCREEN.

Options & Display & FULL SCREEN

Press OK Choose Apply properties to current window only and press OK once again.

Accept & Current Window only

To see the other programs again press [Alt] + [Space] or the [Windows] key**.
To quit press [Esc] or [Alt] + [F4]. This program does not include sound.
**Windows® is property of Microsoft©.